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Review for Streaming Video Downloader
Streaming Video Downloader is really a professional tool that enables users to download clips from online video sharing services because they watch them.
The whole idea behind this program is actually excellent: Streaming Video Downloader monitors your browser and as soon as you load a video, it prompts you to definitely start the download.
The app includes support for the most popular browsers on the internet, including I.e., Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
In addition, it utilizes a rather user-friendly interface, with all of essential download details presented in the actual main window, such as time, file name, source IP, size, received, speed, completed, remaining and elapsed.
A comprehensive configuration screen can also be available, letting you choose the connection to monitor, buffer size, and timeout and refresh rate, but it is more important to note that Streaming Video Downloader can save the clips in your disks in a variety of formats.
If FLV is not quite your cup of tea and you agree to purchase the entire version, Streaming Video Downloader can use the AVI format too.
Furthermore, the applying can save clips in MP4, MOV, WMV and RM formats, with an auto-saving option to carry out the completely downloading task automatically and avoid opening any prompt.
Streaming Video Downloader is quite a light app when it comes to hardware resources, running efficiently on all Windows versions.
With that said, this really is one of the easiest to use tools designed to download videos from the Internet, providing not just a clean and helpful GUI, but also additionally a very fast downloading engine.
Streaming Video Downloader description
Here are some key options that come with "Streaming Video Downloader":
Save Flash FLV, Silverlight, QuickTime, Real Videos:


Nowadays typically the most popular video format on the Web is Flash video served as FLV/MP4, however other kinds of videos are also common, including: Microsoft Silverlight served as Windows Media Video - WMV, Apple QuickTime served as MOV, and Real Media served as RM/RAM. Streaming Video Downloader lets you save all these types of videos!
Saves High Quality videos as MP4s:
YouTube and other video websites now offer the opportunity to watch videos in High Quality (HQ) mode. The physical size of the recording, color depth, along with other settings is a lot better in HQ modes. This is why you should save HQ version of a video if it is available.
Supports all the versions of all the available browsers:
So long as you can view a specific video in your browser, it can save you it with Streaming Video Downloader! Thus, this program supports Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox 1+, Google Chrome, Opera 8+, Safari, Netscape, yet others!
Saves videos from protected websites:
The problem with URL-based downloaders is that they simply do not work for password-protected videos and websites! Only Streaming Video Downloader can help to save such protected videos.
Make your saved videos accessible to portable devices
it is simple to save videos within the AVI format, provided you will find the right codecs installed, so you can watch them on various portable devices, like iPods, smartphones, media players, etc.


Forward, http://imediaplayers.com/streaming-video-downloader/

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