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The Uses of Real player Download Plugin

Real player Download Plugin

The RealPlayer browser record plug-in is a video capture function that is native to the media player. The utility can function with Internet Explorer or Safari to download Web video straight to a local hard drive.

The RealPlayer browser record plug-in is roofed with the installing of the fundamental media player. Users can acquire the applying directly from the program developer website, Real.com.

• Users will have to switch on it functionality for RealPlayer in order to make use of the plug-in. This can be done by opening RealPlayer on and on to Tools > Preferences > Downloading & Recording.


• Whenever a person visits a Web page by having an embedded Flash video, a "Download This Video" button will appear over the media. Users can click this button to capture the FLV source file of the video.

• The RealPlayer browser record plug-in cannot be used to capture copy-protected Flash video streams. As the utility is capable of doing recording digitally encrypted media, it produces an IVR file that may only be opened in RealPlayer.
Real Player Download Plugin

AOMrecord is an audio streaming recorder that records music from internet radios, AOL Radio, Radio AOL, PANDORA, and Yahoo Radio, LAUNCH cast, Rhapsody, Slacker, jango, LIVE365, cmt, AccuRadio, Real Player, last FM and many other sources. With AOMrecord you are able to record any type of audio data that your sound card plays. Legally with CD. Freeware download of AOMrecord 2.2.542, size 2.67 Mb.
RealPlayer is an all-in-one media player that is able to play almost all multimedia files out there, while offering users many additional features. This program is not hard to use also it addresses both advanced and less experienced users.

The installer is full of options, allowing selecting right from the start whether or not to place shortcuts on desktop or to use RealPlayer for opening multimedia files that are not yet associated with another application.

The application might not surprise you initially sight, as RealPlayer greets the user with its now well-known browsing window. The interface is simple, yet stylish and comprises the gamer itself, a Library section that permits you to organize your media content along with a CD burner.\


RealPlayer has support for most audio and video formats out there, boasting the same features as numerous other digital media players out there, including playlists, libraries, and equalizers as well as burning capabilities. Of course, RealPlayer also enables you to pay attention to online radio stations, as the app includes over 3,200 stations from all over the world.

What we liked probably the most was definitely the fact that RealPlayer can handle all multimedia files on the computer, but a few interface upgrades in some places could be great.

RealPlayer acts as a multimedia center for the computer. It is not just a player; however, it may also be tagged like a media organization tool and a CD burning utility. All of these, along with its accessibility and ease of use make it worth your while.


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