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Messing around the VLC Player Download Video Features


I figured I broke my laptop. I popped inside a VCD that was automatically read by free download vlc media player, and watched the very first frames wiggle. The wiggling frame was just one of the effects of the media player the last user forgot to turn off. Ignorance sometimes visits me and this instance explained look around the technology I use. I know enough to know that the first positive point from the VLC Player Download is being able to play an entire slew of video formats. Take your pick: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, AVI, Indeo, MJPEG, Sorenson, WMV, Theora, QuickTime, and more. This really is on top of your usual DVD and VCD formats.

However, a few more tinkering round the VLC Player Download has led me to some interesting features:

1. It crosses regions. DVD regions, that's. Ever confronted with that inconvenience of the inability to read that rare, subtitled art film simply because it was at a different DVD region? VLC totally ignores this and plays it for you without complaints. Quality does not suffer.

2. Subtitles are available for most videos on SVCD, DVD, DVB and MPEG4, among other formats.

3. It requires clean snapshots. I understand that there is other photo capture software that you can download. However, the VLC Player Download takes clear and sharp captures and saves you the effort and system resources of getting a separate tool. The snapshots are saved on the desktop as .png files. Put the player on slow motion to nail that single shot that you love then start the rest of the video.

4. There are little fun toys that you could have fun with. The VLC Player Download includes a few image enhancers up its sleeve, near the usual contrast-hue-color slide control. Filters range from the image clone (view the video on two separate screens), distortion (remember the wiggle episode?), image inversion (which flips the colors to the opposite values), cropping, blurring, and transformation (to vertically-oriented image). I still need to evaluate which I’ll be required these for. But for the moment, I’ll categorize the filters under “nice to possess when you wish to experience and pretend work.”

5. You may choose aspect ratio and crop the video to fit the specific ratio you prefer. The player provides you with six options for both cropping and image resizing: 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10, 221:100, and 5:4.

6. Plays like a book. The VLC Player Download comes with a bookmarking feature that lets you place a finger around the scenes you want or where you left off. No need for fast-forwarding or scanning round the movie (bad if it’s a three-hour feature). The bookmarks alleviate this task, which ought to be left towards the 80’s, the time of Betamax and VHS tapes.


7. Great audio quality. The newer versions of VLC Player Download include DTS support. This will get you to great movie viewing sessions even when you’re on a laptop while using built-in speakers. Better still is the fact that the video quality doesn't suffer because of this enhancement. To get the new edition of VLC Media Player visit http://vl-mediaplayer.com/feature/free-download-vlc-media-player/


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