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Be Aware from Ways to Deal with Stress

12 Ways to Deal with Stress making Menopause the optimum time in your life
Stress can affect your body with an increase of muscle tension, racing heart, increased sweat, headache and upset stomach, in the short term. With time, it raises the degree of the hormone cortisol, which increases excess fat, and eventually adrenal gland burnout leading to no energy and eventually illness. Chronic stress destroys marriages and relationships, and it erodes the joy of living.
Stress affects your mind with panic and wherewithal to think clearly.

When stress ruins your reassurance, you are unable to live your life's purpose to contribute to others and the world, in order to see and feel the beauty and the blessings, which are all around you. Ignoring stress only magnifies and entrenches it deeper to you.
In fact, the only control you have over stress is your response to it. That includes choosing to be kind to yourself when you find yourself suddenly in the center of it.
The perception of stress is an individual thing. You know from your own experiences that what is stressful for just one person is a joy or simply a challenge for an additional person. However, what is not universally known is the fact that stress can more often than not be alleviated if you take time for yourself in a way that is meaningful to you, without guilt or obligation.
Below are 12 simple, effective de-stressors that you could start using now:
1. Take a stroll anyway
2. Do aerobics exercises for Thirty to forty minutes - take a class, get on the treadmill - make use of your best judgment and choose exercise that is right for you
3. Pet or brush your family pet
4. Practice meditation for Fifteen to thirty minutes every day or evening
5. Practice your preferred yoga poses
6. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques for short videos. Observe how you are able to tap together with another person's issues and get benefits on your own whenever you set your intention first. You might want to work with a practitioner to cope with deeper issues.
7. While you're you Tube, search for 'funny videos' and let a great belly laugh or two distract you against your challenges for a while - you will get videos of babies, people falling, people getting scared - whatever enables you to laugh! No guilt!


 8. Play playing the guitar or piano or other guitar
9. Listen to music that is relaxing for you personally
10. Soak for 25 minutes inside a warm Epsom salts bath having a drop or a couple of your preferred essential oil 11. Enjoy a cup of chamomile tea half an hour before going to sleep
12. Place a drop or two of lavender essential oil on each end of your pillowcase before you go to rest.
To prevent stress, sometimes you may want to get outside your safe place and request the aid of your kids, your partner, family, good friends, or hire some extra help.


For more, http://topfivehub.com/top-5-warning-signs-and-ways-to-deal-with-stress/

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